Aiindrila Dhara

Investigating the diverse microenvironment of ALCL and its effects on the sub-clonal heterogeneity of tumours (WP2)

Masarykova Univerzita - Medical Faculty - CEITEC

Supervisor: Suzanne TURNER


Research objectives:

In this project, a variety of -omics approaches will be used to examine the cellular landscape of ALCL ranging from the diverse tumour microenvironment to the sub-clonal heterogeneity of the tumour cells themselves. Using both primary patient material (spatial transcriptomics and single cell sequencing) as well as patient derived xenografts and their humanised counterparts, the student will investigate how these factors change under the selective pressure of chemotherapy to lead to relapse.

Expected results:

  • Identification of cells in the tumour microenvironment using spatial and single cell transcriptomics approaches
  • Analysis of changes to the TME on relapse
  • Identification of changes to sub-clonal tumour heterogeneity under the selective pressure of treatment and the rational design of aligned therapeutic approaches

Planned secondments:

Year 2: CBMed: Analysis of murine tumour tissue sections applying technologies available at CBMed (3 months)

Year 3: University of Torino: Access to PDX models of ALCL that are uniquely available at the host institute (3 months)